Half Double Projects and portfolios

How does it work in practice?

The Half Double methodology is not just a theory that lives in books and articles. It is very much a practical approach that has been shaped and validated through numerous of projects, that have varied both in type and industry. Here, you will find information on how to get started with your own Half Double journey and make a positive impact.
half double Portfolio, How does it work in practice?

Applying Half Double in product development projects

Keynote speech by Claus Hjerrild Holm, Senior Director at GN Audio

Help on projects and portfolios

If you are interested in how you can roll out Half Double practices in your organization, we offer a range of possibilities including assistance and setup of pilot projects, training, coaching of leaders and project teams, and transformation projects in organizations.

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Half Double in projects

Have you ever contributed to a project - day after day - and still felt like it was not really going anywhere?

It feels like the whole thing has ground to halt. Everything is bogged down by meetings, coordination, reporting, and low morale. In other words, a project where little of value is really being done or created any longer.

There is a need for new innovative thinking in terms of the way we implement and manage our projects. A paradigm shift is required - a new and radical project management methodology that can result in projects achieving double the impact in half the time.

Below, you can see cases where Half Double has already created impact.


Methodology half double. impact, flow and leadership

Impact, Flow, Leadership
All about the Half Double methodology in projects

The project management methodology has been conceptualized and defined through continuous research and a collection of best-practice approaches, based on years of experience. It is a project management approach based in actual human behavior, unpredictability, and complexity, rather than assumptions of rationality and predictability.

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Half Double in portfolios

An important objective for organizations is to make projects with impact, and gain the most value out of each individual project. In addition, it is equally important to ensure making the right projects, in order for the organization to achieve long term benefits.

To succeed with this, the project environment and portfolio must be in place. This is done by managing and leading the portfolio in a way that ensures project dedication and a cumulative impact mindset. 

Faster to strategic impact with fewer projects and closer relationships to decision-makers


The starting point is that projects should be prioritized based on value, and value in multiple dimensions. There is both a short-term and a long-term perspective. There may be product impact, business impact, customer impact, environmental impact etc. Stakeholder satisfaction is therefore the ultimate goal for strategic impact, and the task is to create maximum strategic impact per time unit. The sum of our project impact is the strategic change we can create.


Once we have chosen the right projects, the next task is to ensure a rapid flow of impact. Many executives initiate more projects than the organization can handle. But creating a lot of projects does not create impact, it only generates huge costs. We therefore value completed projects over a lot of initiated projects. We value fewer short projects over many long-term projects. The basic principle in the Half Double methodology is fewer projects with high intensity and frequent senior leadership interaction.


In our experience, traditional portfolio management based on long-term strategic plans and rational key figures for the projects is inadequate. This is because management is often too far away from the projects, looking only at figures for the expectations of the individual project. At the same time, the conditions change at lightning speed, so it is not enough to adjust the portfolio once a year or once every six months. In the Half Double methodology, we value an agile strategic mindset over long-term strategic planning. We value leadership dialog over generic parameters, and we value a short distance to senior leadership over hierarchy and steering committees. It is simply necessary for senior leaders close to the projects to embrace uncertainty and adjust the portfolio whenever necessary.

These are the three core elements that we believe portfolio leadership should be based on.

Half Double Portfolio Management

Your guide to strategic impact
Half Double Portfolio Handbook

The Half Double Portfolio concept is focused on making Portfolio Management simple and implementable. In other words, it's not the full story of portfolio management - but focuses on the practices that create the highest impact in portfolio management. The handbook explains how to create strong interplay between strategy, prioritisation, allocation and execution - all with high impact in mind.

Half Double course

Scaling Half Double in GlobalConnect

The TelCo GlobalConnect saw a need for a common and effective project management and portfolio approach and their chosen solution was Half Double. A decision that resulted in a significantly improved project performance. Read the full case study here.

We address well-known pains

Value creation is unclear

The impact challenge

Everyone is busy and we are burning costs but we are not really sure if we are creating impact

Too many projects at the same time

The flow challenge

We overfill the organisation with new projects without finishing what we already started

Delayed and distant board decisions

The leadership challenge

Limited insight and too many decision layers slow down projects

Faster to strategic impact with fewer projects and closer relationships to decision-makers

The Half Double portfolio approach

The Half Double Portfolio leadership approach focuses on scaling all three core elements to achieve increased strategic impact

Focus on strategic impact


Prioritize projects with reduced time to impact and stakeholder satisfaction

Short and fat flow


Commit high-caliber people with +50% allocation to your priority projects

Committed leadership team with insight


Senior leaders are close to a maximum of 3 projects each

half double Portfolio, How does it work in practice?

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