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The Half Double Institute is an impartial and non-profit foundation with the purpose of increasing the rate of success in projects all over the world. Together with leading industry partners, we have developed a new and radical project methodology that can increase the success rate of projects.
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Half Double Institute methodology helping to increase success rate of businesses

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Methodology half double. impact, flow and leadership

Focus on three core elements - Impact, Flow & Leadership The Half Double Methodology Explained

Half Double is a project management approach based on actual human behavior, unpredictability and complexity. It has been tested and validated through numerous projects in various industries and been applied to a wide range of project types – and it works.

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The Half Double Institute

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If you want to start your Half Double journey, and need inputs for setting up pilot projects, coaching or look into the benefits that Half Double can bring to your organization. 

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How does it work in practice?

Using Half Double to reducing time to impact with SAS Ground Handling

How to succeed with reducing lost luggage with 30%

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The journey to start creating impact in your organization Half Double Certification and training

The Half Double training and certification focus on simplicity. Participants learn new tools and practices to bring back to their organizations enabling them to create more impact in less time on their own projects. Currently, the certification standard is being tested, and the material available is thus a preview of what will be launched later this year.

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Continuous evaluation and documentation of Half Double results & research

Continuous evaluation and documentation of Half Double results Half Double Research

Aarhus University (AU) is responsible for the research track, delivering the project's academic contributions which is of great importance for Project Half Double’s legitimacy and further dissemination. On this page you can find information regarding the research and outcome in the shape of reports and publications.

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