Half Double Certification and training

The journey to start creating impact in your organization

The Half Double training and certification focus on simplicity. Participants learn new tools and practices to bring back to their organizations enabling them to create more impact in less time on their own projects. Currently, the certification standard is being tested, and the material available is thus a preview of what will be launched later this year.

The Half Double Certification

Keynote speech by Jesper Schreiner, CEO of the Danish Project Management Association


The Half Double certification it a quality stamp for Half Double practitioners around the globe. The standard is currently being tested to validate that it has the desired effect on all levels, and the official set-up will be launched later in 2020. You can read more about the certification levels and process below. If you are interested in getting Half Double certification it is possible to apply to become a test person during the Spring 2020.


The Half Double Institute has developed a validated approach to train and coach project owners, project managers, and project participants on different levels. Through the training, the participant will gain knowledge about the Half Double methodology, principles, and tools which enable the participant to plan, drive, and execute projects with increased impact and success. Furthermore, the objective of the training is to help the participant become a reflected Half Double practitioner. This will make the participant more conscious of own behaviour in any given situation and enable the capability to actively identify and choose the ideal way forward.

The Half Double training has two main objectives:

  1. Enable people to use Half Double elements and approaches on real projects while gaining the capability of reflecting on the use of the methodology in their own organization, in order to maximize the impact potential.
  2. Prepare participants to succeed in different levels of exams and become Half Double Certified.

The Half Double training is provided by the Half Double Institute partners. Soon you will be able to sign up for the Half Double Training and Half Double Certification online on the Half Double Institute web page. Until then, please contact a Half Double Institute partner if you want to know more about the Half Double training and/or upcoming courses. You can find the full list of Half Double Institute partners on the partner site.

    Help on projects

    If you are interested in how you can roll out Half Double practices in your organization, we offer a range of possibilities including assistance and setup of pilot projects, coaching of leaders and project teams, and transformation projects in organizations. If you want to know more about a Half Double set up in your organisation, please contact the Half Double Institute partners or use the link below to send us an email. 

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    CERTIFICATION STEP 1, FOUNDATION Learn about Half Double in an easy, fun and rewarding approach at a low price


    Learn about Half Double in an easy, fun and rewarding approach at a low price

    Who is it for?

    Everyone with interest in and knowledge on project management - mostly project manager, functional leaders (project owners) and professionals (Consultants, Coaches and Trainers (CCT)).

    What will you get?

    Certificate for passed examination with focus on understanding.

    Certification step 1

    Understand the Half Double Methodology

    The Half Double certification, foundation level
    CERTIFICATION STEP 2, PRACTITIONER, Apply the Half Double Methodology


    Verify ability to use Half Double in real life projects with focus on Impact, Flow and Leadership

    Who is it for?

    Foundation certified HD project managers, functional leaders, and professionals.

    What will you get?

    You will become Certified Half Double practitioner with a focus on practice.

    Certification step 2

    Apply the Half Double Methodology

    The Half Double certification, practitioner level
    CERTIFICATION STEP 3, Master the Half Double Methodology


    Verify ability to create impact by applying Half Double in real-life cases or by supporting organisations in implementing Half Double creating transformation through changed organisational behavior.

    Who is it for?

    Certified HD practitioners.

    What will you get?

    You will become a certified master in applied HD with a focus on success.

    Certification step 3

    Master the Half Double Methodology

    The Half Double certification, master level
    half double Portfolio, How does it work in practice?

    How does it work in practice? Half Double Projects and portfolios

    The Half Double methodology is not just a theory that lives in books and articles. It is very much a practical approach that has been shaped and validated through numerous of projects, that have varied both in type and industry. Here, you will find information on how to get started with your own Half Double journey and make a positive impact.

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    The list of people certified in Half Double
    Certified Half Double Practitioners

    Many people have already embarked on the Half Double journey with us and holds a certification on either the level of foundation, practitioner or master. Go see the list of people already certified in the Half Double Methodology.

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