Half Double Certification and training

Empowering you to create more impact in your projects

Half Double training and certification focuses on simplicity. You’ll learn new tools and practices to bring back to your organisation enabling you to create more impact in less time in your projects.

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Below you will find an overview of the organisations who are currently accredited in training Half Double courses. We use APMG international as our certification partner due to their high standard within certification. Thus all the training organisations below are acknowledge by APMG. The number of accredited training organisations are constantly growing so make sure to revisit this page.

Looking for a Half Double Institute Accredited Training Organisation to help you start your Half Double journey?

Implement Consulting Group

Implement Consulting Group help leading organisations succeed with their most critical change initiatives by unleashing human engagement to unlock business potential.

Find courses offered by Implement Consulting Group here.

Peak Consulting Group

Peak Consulting group help you and your organisation with reaching your goal through consulting services and developing competences within project management. 

Find courses offered by Peak Consulting Group here.


Mannaz provides innovative business thinking in the areas of leadership development and talent development and change management.

Find courses offered by Mannaz here.


IBA International Business Academy develops and delivers higher education programmes that work in the real world.

Find courses offered by IBA here.

House of Agile

House of Agile educates and coaches individuals and organisations in the agile project management methods.

Find courses offered by House of Agile here.

The Half Double Learning Journey

Learning journey

The Half Double learning journey is based on a lot of reflection and real life doing


Before starting the course, you’ll receive a Half Double training package that includes films and cases. This material is designed to encourage self-reflection both on your current project practices and what your learning journey will entail.  


Foundation Training

The Foundation training starts with the 3-day ‘Ignite’ training course and introduces you to the core elements, methods and tools of Half Double for applying on a real case. An online exam completes this first certification level.  


Practitioner Training

Within two three months of becoming foundation certified, you’ll be expected to complete a reflection paper documenting your own experiences and learnings working with Half Double on a project of your own.  

The 1-day ‘Practitioner Boost’ course then gives you practical tools in applying Half Double in everyday contexts. Following this, you’ll be given the opportunity to reflect once more on your own real-life Half Double experiences documented in your paper.  

The 1-day ‘Practitioner Class’ training session allows you to deep dive into challenging aspects of Half Double, such as Impact Solution Design.  

Following this session, you’ll be expected to submit a practitioner reflection application paper before booking your practitioner certification exam which will be followed by a one hour interview with an assessor as the final step of the practitioner certification process.  


Master Training

After working for at least three-six months as a certified Half Double Practitioner, you have the opportunity to become a certified Half Double Master.  

The initial 21-day ‘Master Boost’ advanced training course enables you to drill further down mainly on impact-creation, result oriented leadership and on engaged project ownership. This prepares you for writing your Master Application paper, inviting further reflection on your experiences creating impact in your projects with Half Double.    

After working for 3 months, the 1-day ’Master Class’ training sparring session explores the Half Double portfolio set up and advanced local translation of the methodology required to secure organisational transformation.  

After this session, you’ll be expected to submit a master application paper followed by a 1½ hour interview with an assessor as the final step of the certification process to become a certified Master in Half Double. 



The Half Double Certification

Keynote speech by Jesper Schreiner, CEO of the Danish Project Management Association


The Half Double certification is a quality stamp for Half Double practitioners around the globe. The standard is currently being tested to validate that it has the desired effect on all levels, and the official set-up will be launched later in 2020. You can read more about the certification levels and process below. If you are interested in getting Half Double certification it is possible to apply to become a test person during the Spring 2020.

CERTIFICATION STEP 1, FOUNDATION Learn about Half Double in an easy, fun and rewarding approach at a low price


Learn about Half Double in an easy, fun and rewarding approach at a low price

Why should you do it?

Increase your market value by proving your Half Double knowledge and gain insights on how to apply the methodology in practice.

Who is it for?

Project & Program Managers​, PMO​, Project Owners​, Team members

How do you get the certification?

Sign up for an Ignite session. After you have completed the class you will be eligible to do the 1 hour online multiple choice exam with approx. 40 questions

Certification step 1

Understand the Half Double Methodology

The Half Double certification, foundation level
CERTIFICATION STEP 2, PRACTITIONER, Apply the Half Double Methodology


Verify ability to use Half Double in real life projects with focus on Impact, Flow and Leadership

Why should you do it?

Increase your market value by proving that you can actually apply your Half Double knowledge to real life project.

Who is it for?

Project & Program Managers​, PMO​, Team members

How do you get the certification?

Sign up for the practitioner programme with one of the Half Double training organisations. Hereafter you do a 1-hour online dialogue with an assessor based on your practitioner application paper.

Certification step 2

Apply the Half Double Methodology

The Half Double certification, practitioner level
CERTIFICATION STEP 3, Master the Half Double Methodology


Verify ability to create impact by applying Half Double in real-life cases or by supporting organisations in implementing Half Double creating transformation through changed organisational behavior.

Why should you do it?

Increase your market value by proving you can create actual impact / value creation in a real life project. This is a unique certification not available to all.

Who is it for?

Project & Program Managers​, PMO

How do you get the certification?

Sign up for the master programme with one of the Half Double training organisations. Hereafter you do a 1-hour online dialogue with an assessor based on your master application paper.

Certification step 3

Master the Half Double Methodology

The Half Double certification, master level
half double Portfolio, How does it work in practice?

How does it work in practice? Half Double Projects and portfolios

The Half Double methodology is not just a theory that lives in books and articles. It is very much a practical approach that has been shaped and validated through numerous of projects, that have varied both in type and industry. Here, you will find information on how to get started with your own Half Double journey and make a positive impact.

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The list of people certified in Half Double
Certified Half Double Practitioners

Many people have already embarked on the Half Double journey with us and holds a certification on either the level of foundation, practitioner or master. Go see the list of people already certified in the Half Double Methodology.

Successful Candidates List

Help on projects

If you are interested in how you can roll out Half Double practices in your organization, we offer a range of possibilities including assistance and setup of pilot projects, coaching of leaders and project teams, and transformation projects in organizations. If you want to know more about a Half Double set up in your organisation, please contact the Half Double Institute partners or use the link below to send us an email. 

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