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The journey towards Half Double was initiated with a clear mission: We wanted to find a project methodology that could increase the success rate of projects while increasing the speed at which we develop new products and services. In time, this has become the Half Double Institute.
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Half Double Institute

What the Half Double Institute can offer you

The Half Double Institute offers training and education in the Half Double methodology on three levels – Foundation, Practitioner and Master. The training is provided by Half Double Institute partners.

The Half Double Institute also offers a Half Double Certification matching the three levels of the Half Double education, thus serving as a quality stamp of the practitioner’s knowledge about and ability to apply and master the Half Double methodology. Only partners of the Half Double Institute can nominate an individual for the Half Double certification exam. 

You can already start learning more about the Half Double methodology right here on the website and download Half Double tools and templates for free so you can apply elements of the Half Double methodology in your own projects.

If you need inspiration on how to get started, we have collected some of our best Half Double cases and here you can discover how other organisations have applied the Half Double Methodology and the impact they achieved.

If you are interested in learning how you can roll out Half Double practices in your organisation, the Consulting Partners of the Half Double Institute also offer help on projects. This assistance covers a range of possibilities including assistance and setup of pilot projects, coaching of leaders and project teams, and transformation projects in organisations.

About the Half Double Institute

The Half Double Institute is an independent foundation, created to facilitate information about the Half Double methodology, the latest Half Double initiatives and upcoming Half Double events.

Furthermore, the Institute functions as the interlink between stakeholders who want to know more about the Institute’s offerings, partners who offer Half Double training and project assistance and the Half Double certification. The certification is managed by the APMG International who also serve as the professional guarantor of the quality of the certification.

The Institute was launched the 3rd of March 2020, and is continuously being developed to meet the objective of disseminating the Half Double Methodology further.

The Half Double journey

The Half Double idea was ignited back in 2014 when a highly visionary crowd took the first steps towards the development of the Half Double methodology. The idea emerged from an ambition to solve the much-discussed project problem - only 30% of projects create the intended impact and are characterized as successful. 

To uncover the key drivers to successful projects and to identify the essential elements which differentiate successful projects from unsuccessful projects, Implement Consulting Group and 25 other passionate partners worked together to outline what both best practice approaches and research in project management could reveal about the topic. Based on the research and best practice examples, 10 guiding stars were formulated which, for example, included “put people before modules” and “create short and thick projects”.

Forming a consortium

In 2015, a consortium between the Danish Industry Foundation, Implement Consulting Group, Aarhus University and DTU was established and the Project Half Double was now a formalized reality. Four years later, the first and second phase of the Project Half Double were successfully completed.

The first two phases of Half Double focused on the development of the methodology in 16 real business projects and the evaluation of the project Impact. The evaluation of the 16 projects showed that 87% of the projects were successful in relation to the defined success criteria and that 69% of the projects outperformed comparable projects within the companies. The evaluation results strongly indicate that applying the Half Double methodology in projects could be key in solving the “30%” project problem.

Establishing the Half Double Institute

Due to the impressive results, the third phase of Project Half Double was initiated in collaboration with the Danish Industry Foundation, Danish Project Management Association, Aarhus University and Implement Consulting Group. The third phase focused on the establishment of an independent Half Double Institute, transforming Half Double into an international certification standard, as well as spreading knowledge about and application of the Half Double methodology even further.

Today, the Half Double Institute is an independent institute, but still supported by the Danish Industry Foundation.

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