Video - Half Double Case: Linak

Half Double is used to create impact in many organizations, one of those being Linak. A privately-owned Danish manufacturing company specialized in linear actuators.
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Video - Half Double Case: Linak

Transcript - Half Double Case: Linak 

We were in a situation where we had to grow capacity and production pretty fast. And when you need to grow fast as a company, the speed is absolutely crucial. Typically from restarting a project, it took a year to a year and a half to do an automatic production, so so we thought it would be a good idea to to get some inspiration.

The good thing about half is to create this common language about how to execute projects. For example, an impact case to prepare and impact cases is basically to align the objectives. What are the success criteria? What does all the stakeholders think that would be successful for them? Better communication and less time wasted is good for the motivation. That's good for the energy because you don't have these frustrations and then you get the desire to enter into the next project because you are confident that the way we work with projects is actually efficient and good.

In the old days, project plans were made in a computer and then it's hidden. So making things visual is actually making things easier for people to understand. We were successful in their first project, costing 30 percent of the project lead time. Actually, we cut down project cycle time from fifty nine weeks to 39 weeks. Speed is crucial because then we can move on to the next project faster. The more projects we can do with, the more money we can save and the more value we can create.

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