Video - Half Double Case: Danfoss

Danfoss' objective was to create an innovation lab that would support growth ambitions by enabling new products to reach the market faster.
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half double methodology

With cross-functional teams now co-located in the same space, projects run intensively and effectively. Visual planning creates transparency and clarity, while fast prototyping and immediate feedback enables projects to progress at a constant tempo. New products now enter the market in half the time it used to take.

Transcript - Danfoss


[00:00:05] What we focus on is that we can provide value to our customers with innovative refrigeration and air conditioning control solutions, to do that speed is absolutely vital. We introduced the ethical principles back in 2006 where we were inspired by halftime, but now we use it in all our new development projects and we are in the process of spreading it to the rest of our business.


[00:00:35] It's about empowering teams and it's about enabling your engineers to do what they do best, half double allows for changes to happen and also for identifying risks early in the process. We do early simulation and fast prototyping because it tells us what we didn't know at the start and shows us how and where to make improvements. It's very motivating for team members to get feedback that enables fast decisions and fast decision drives constant progress. At the end, we get better products faster.


[00:01:09] The average time it takes for a product to go from idea to reality was tested, perfected, produced and shipped and on to customers is half of what it was before we started working this way.


[00:01:22] Sprints create intensity and focus, but central to this are two things the project room and visual planning we do with your planning in the project room every day, it's enabled us to see if we are on schedule and to see which are the most important task and sold them first. And we help each other because we have priorities. What is the most important tasks? This task is what everybody's working on until it's actually solved. I think it brings a lot of team spirit and joy to people, but I can see the benefits of the work they actually do.


[00:01:59] So since we stopped working with half double, we now get your product to the market in half the time.