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The start of the Half Double Metodology

Article with 10 principles – leading stars – for successful project management.
Half Double 10 leading stars


The origins of Half Double can be traced back to 2013 when three project practitioners realised that they all shared the same unshakable inkling that something just wasn’t quite right in the project management field. They gathered a brain trust of 21 high-calibre project practitioners to begin addressing and solving this problem. The very best from this project practitioner network were then tasked with taking everything we once knew about project management and recognising what we needed to reprioritise. Together, this small group wrote an article, “Projects for a reality on the move” with 10 principles – leading stars – for successful project management.

Rethinking project management wasn’t in itself something new. But actually finding a way to change project management was. Implement Consulting Group had already been exploring the possibility of a new project paradigm – a paradigm with Agile mindsets and methods as a starting point with reality’s complexity at its centre. A paradigm that allowed project learnings to continuously change project deliverables without this being misread as bad project management. And a paradigm with the ambition of completing projects in half the time while realising double the impact. If this was at all possible, it would radically improve productivity in Denmark and the rest of the world. Grand? Perhaps. Realistic? It’s proving to be.

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