When project management goes wrong – and what can be done to make it right


Time and time again research have shown that only one-third of all traditional projects are successful. One-third! At Half Double Institute we have set out to change this statistic, and we have figured that the only way to do so, is by challenging our current way of working - especially, when we are working with projects.
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If projects fail – economies fail

The reason why this is so important and urgent correlates with the immense role that projects play.. With the everchanging environment around us, less activities become routine and standard operation, as we constantly must adapt to new situations, new needs. This is where projects come in handy as they are temporary endeavors set out to produce or carry out a unique product or activity.

A good example of the widespread use of projects is found in the biggest European economy, Germany. In Germany a total of 34% of the GDP comes directly from projects. Now, just imagine how much project performance affect the German economy. The way projects perform obviously affects how companies perform, and the way companies perform obviously impact the societies we all live in.

When statistics show that only one-third of all projects being executed end up as successful, it represents a huge waste. For society it is a waste of resources and potential value that we are missing out on.

But for the individual it is a waste in the sense of lost motivation and job satisfaction. Most people would agree on how frustrating it is to work on a project that ends up creating no difference at all

Doing something about it

All these aspects made it clear, that something had to be done to raise the success rate in projects. Working in conjunction with three universities and 2,500 of the best project managers in Denmark, the Half Double methodology was created after comprehensively researching why some projects are successful, but most fail.

Trials of this methodology across 16 pilot projects in 16 different organizations, resulted in 87% of these pilot projects fulfilling or partly fulfilling the project success criteria. A vast improvement in project success. This is measured in realizing business success criteria such as decreased cost or increased revenue or accelerated time to market.

So what do project managers do so differently in Half Double projects that makes them capable of realizing these great results? They utilize the following three principles which is the foundation of the Half Double methodology; impact, flow, leadership.;

Impact is all about navigating the project towards a given value creation.

Flow is about making sure the project has a weekly progression – giving us the opportunity to speed up the project.

Leadership is about embracing the uncertainty inbound in all projects while making sure all stakeholders are onboard in a collaborative effort.

The Half Double Methodology focuses effort and attention into 9 tools and methods that really enables you to make a difference in your projects. Has this been inspiring to you? Learn more about how to get Half Double certified here.


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