Testimonial: Purpose over Task Completion

After her first Half Double training, consultant and anthropologist Lea Svendsen went straight back to change the project proposal for her next big assignment. Discover how her new Half Double project management approach led to impactful, human-centered project success.
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Consultant Lea Møller Svendsen

Lea Møller Svendsen: My Half Double Journey

As a consultant and anthropologist, I began leading projects without formal project management training. My initial approach was rooted in learning from seasoned project leaders and through trial and error. Enrolling in the Half Double Foundation course. It was an important next step in my professional journey. This course didn't just enhance my understanding of project management; it equipped me with a robust framework and practical tools that have clearly elevated my project leadership skills.

From Principles to Practice

One of the most compelling aspects of the Half Double methodology is its foundational principles. It's not merely a set of practices but a mindset that drives impactful project outcomes. This mindset shift has been crucial for me, especially when I embarked on a major project shortly after completing my Half Double certification, where I was able to immediately apply the Half Double principles. I adjusted our project proposal based on these principles, allocating more time for myself as the project owner and for our consultants. This adjustment was pivotal in the project's success.

Tools for Success

I particularly benefited from the visual planning and the impact case, which I consistently revisited throughout the project. These tools were great concrete tools to drive collaboration and direction, especially as I was working with a less experienced team, who needed clear guidance and practical resources.

Upholding Professional Standards

In an environment where parallel project work is often encouraged, Half Double has empowered me to uphold professional standards and insist on practices such as higher allocation of time for project members that are super important for project success. The core elements embedded in Half Double have validated and enhanced my focus on relational aspects within project management, raising my approach to a higher professional level.

Distinguishing Yourself as a Project Manager

For project managers looking to distinguish themselves, the Half Double certification provides a professional lexicon to articulate your expertise. This has been a significant advantage when presenting myself to clients or potential employers. Half Double sets me apart as a project manager with a holistic and impact-driven approach.

Resonance with Social Sciences

For those with a social sciences background, like me, Half Double resonates deeply. It seamlessly integrates our inherent focus on human aspects with a theoretical framework and practical tools, making it easier to advocate for crucial project elements that ensure success.

Delivering Tangible Outcomes with a Human-Centered Approach

As a consultant, delivering impactful results can sometimes be challenging, especially when the solutions provided are not fully embraced within the client's organization. However, Half Double has equipped me with tools that can ensure my contributions lead to real, tangible outcomes. With a background in anthropology and human-centered innovation, I prioritize placing people at the core of projects. Half Double's approach aligns perfectly with this philosophy, emphasizing the needs, motivations, and experiences of all project stakeholders.

Furthermore, the method's emphasis on purpose over mere task completion has been a game-changer in my consulting work. It allows me to guide clients towards evaluating project success based on its purpose and impact, rather than just ticking off completed tasks. Half Double has systematically structured what I instinctively aimed to achieve, giving me the language and tools to communicate and implement human-centric, impactful project management effectively.

 - Lea Møller Svendsen, Consultant and Anthropologist