Video - Half Double Institute Unfolded

3 universities, 25 pilot projects and +1300 engaged project practitioners have experimented with and co-created what is today known as the Half Double methodology. The ambition is to run projects in half the time with double the impact.
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half double institute video unfolded

VIdeo - Half Double Institute Unfolded

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All projects are initiated to create impact that's essential. The key is to identify and focus on impact right from the start.

Impact changes the dialogue from being centered around technical deliverables to ensuring stakeholder satisfaction. Flow is key when flow is missing. Important project hours are lost in coordination, retrospective project reporting and shifts between multiple projects. At the same time, by focusing on flow, we're using simple methods to intensify project work, ensure progress every week and deliver results faster. We aspire to revolutionize the way projects should be led with less bureaucracy, less formal steering committee meetings and less contractural focus.

We need less compliance and more commitment, and we need leaders who can cope with turbulence, conflicts and complexity. Leaders who focus on people who work closely together, handle issues and joint force and know the project at its core.