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Project success rates: double the impact in half the time, with Christina Sejr Pedersen

Listen to this episode of the podcast 'Implementing Best Practice in Business', where we hear Richard Pharro, CEO of APMG International, speak to Christina Sejr Pedersen, Executive Director of the Half Double Institute.
Project success rates: double the impact in half the time, with Christina Sejr Pedersen

Episode Description

In this episode of Implementing Best Practice in Business, Richard Pharro, CEO of APMG International, chats to Christina Sejr Pedersen.

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Christina begins the episode by explaining the business problem Half Double embarks to resolve. Expanding on her 15 year-long career in Project Management, Christina highlights the pattern she observed from feedback given by the Project Management community. Often, colleagues would approach her announcing “I can’t do the project quite like our model says, but the next one I promise you I’ll get it to fit”. Christina states it dawned on her that perhaps the models themselves were the issue; “what if we’re trying to get something round to fit into something square?”. Christina then suggests that no other industry could live with a 35% success rate, and how she was driven to improve the tragic statistic.

Further, Richard enquires how Christina synthesises the aforementioned problems within the PM industry, and how Half Double settled on impact, flow and leadership as central themes. Christina discloses the fascinating research that was conducted to pinpoint exactly what makes a project run successfully; by inviting 30 of the best Project Managers to be interviewed on what it is they do that makes a difference. When asked about the origin of the Half Double name, Christina responds by stating they wanted the framework to be a “guiding star” and the importance of doing projects in half the time, with double the impact.

Richard and Christina then discuss the conscious decision to exclude much of the traditional project management guidance within the Half Double framework, and how Half Double’s mission was also to be a hybrid methodology. Finally, Richard and Christina discuss whether the Half Double guidance is dogmatic and end the episode contemplating how Christina would categorise success as her return of a Half Double Director; “one of the areas where I’m dreaming this will have a huge impact is the Green transition. We don’t have a lot of time to reach our targets […] we need double the impact. My big dream is that this model could help us in the transition to a cleaner world.” Listen in to discover how you can use Half Double to improve project success in your organisation.

Listen to the episode here

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