Video - Why Project Half Double?

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Why Project Half Double?

The Half Double Institute is an impartial and non-profit foundation with the purpose of increasing the rate of success in projects all over the world. Together with leading industry partners, we have developed a new and radical project methodology that can increase the success rate of projects

Transcript - Why Project Half Double

[00:00:02] Half double actually started because we wanted to address the low success rate of project

[00:00:11] For the last 15 years. The Standish Group has done a survey where they actually measured the success rate of projects and it is a staggering 30 percent. So only third was in the projects arena success that's not good enough. We wanted to change that.

[00:00:28] So what we did was that we gathered 25 of the best project leaders that we knew off at that point. We are three years back now right. And then we gathered three universities each new the Danish Technical University CPS and oldest university together with them. We actually could create a methodology consisting of impact, flow & leadership. And gain funding from the Danish Industry Foundation to do 17 pilot projects. We took the methodology we applied it to those projects and we developed it as we move along. So the whole idea here is we need to make a collaborative co-creative methodology that will create success in your project.