Half Double: A gamechanger for Global Connect


The TelCo GlobalConnect saw a need for a common and effective project management and portfolio approach and their chosen solution was Half Double. A decision that resulted in a significantly improved project performance.
Cases and pilot projects from the real world, half double methodology

In late 2020, we invited Peter Kjær Sørensen, Head of Projects and Portfolio Management in GlobalConnect, to a talk about their transformational Half Double Journey. At the webinar Peter shared their learnings from the endeavour to increase the success rate of their projects to create higher impact for their business. Further, Peter talked about why GlobalConnect decided to introduce the Half Double methodology as a new way of working.

The results were quickly evident, and thus GlobalConnect decided to transform their business and apply the Half Double principles in the IT project- and portfolio management set-up. The positive impacts of this transformation covers:

  • Transparency of which projects are running, why and how much impact they create
  • 84% decrease in time spent on managing project status reports by the project managers
  • Increased alignment between impact and scope of projects

At the webinar Peter told the full story and shared how GlobalConnect succeeded with this transformation.

The webinar also covered a brief introduction to the principles of Half Double, which will equip you to embark on an agile transformation with projects in your own organization.

Curious to learn more? Watch the recorded webinar below.