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Foundation Certification Course #7 in Danish (SOLD OUT)

Learn to increase early impact and the overall success rate of your projects. Sign up now and get 10%.

Half Double is a new and contemporary project management approach which shifts the traditional focus on project deliverables to the impact created by a project while ensuring that the project progresses every week. On the course, you will participate in a 3-day IGNITE session and learn how to utilize the methodology’s core elements impact, flow and leadership to increase the success rate of your projects.

Right now, we offer you 10% off when signing up with the voucher code ‘HDI10’. All you need to do is put the voucher code in the Att. field when signing up.

About the course

Half Double is a project and portfolio methodology developed by the Danish Industry Foundation, Aarhus University and Implement Consulting Group. The course is run by Implement Learning Institute where you will meet trainers with practical experience with applying the tools in projects both in the private and public sector. In fact, many of the trainers have been a part of developing Half Double and have been working with Half Double since its creation.

The course strengthens your understanding of the Half Double methodology and, more importantly, how it can be applied to increase early impact and the overall success rate of your projects. And it will be done in an easy, fun and rewarding manner.

On the course, you will be provided with both theoretical skills and practical tools and templates that equip you to use the methodology from day one in your everyday life as a project manager. At the last day you are offered to take the Half Double Foundation certification which is included when signing up for the course.


The course price is 13.500 DKK excl. VAT and includes the Foundation certification exam fee. We now offer you 10% off the course with the voucher code HDI10. All you need to do is put the voucher code in the Att. field when signing up.

Main content

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the three core elements, impact, flow and leadership, and how the methodology is designed with firmness in the core and more flexibility the closer you get to the perimeter
  • Explain the methodology and all its methods and tools to project management peers
  • Apply the Half Double methods and tool as per core element on a real-life project
  • Assess a specific context and adapt the methods and tools accordingly to obtain the desired benefits
  • Lead a project with an agile and flexible mindset
  • Use a language and frame of reference that enable you to execute projects faster and more effectively

Target group

The course is aimed at programme managers, project managers, PMO members and project participants. We encourage you to sign up together with a colleague from your own project team, department, or organization, so that you can support each other in continued learning after the course is completed and facilitate the process of embedding the Half Double methodology in your projects. 

Practical questions about the course?

Please contact Implement Learning Institute at learn@implement.dk.

Event information


17 - 19 January, 2022


09:00 - 16:30


Comwell Copenhagen Portside
Alexandriagade 1
2150 Copenhagen

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